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Andrea Andrade, M.D. & Joseph Andrade, M.D.

We are a father and daughter team in Primary Care Medicine. 

Supported in every aspect by my mother, Gisella. 

My whole life, I have been involved in my dad's clinic. I grew up in it.

I returned to the Bronx over 7 years ago, developing my own place of practice.

I, Andrea, am a Family Medicine physician.

My father, Joseph, is an Internal Medicine & Pediatrics physician.

Together, we are primary care physicians for children and adults, frustrated with the state of primary care.

We are here to revolutionize primary care.

We are here to help bring quality and love back into our visits, be the voice of our patients to advocate for a caring, entrusting primary physician for you and your family.

Our goal is to bring to life quality primary health care and embody our individual and cultural essence while doing so.

If we can imagine: music, laughter, mental and physical health, spiritual health, happiness, nature, and who WE are - all incorporated, into our primary health care.

That is what our clinic is going to be based on. 

Here forth, I will refer to ourselves as a primary care physician specialist.

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My parents started our primary care, private clinic over 30 years ago in the Bronx, NY. My dad as the Med-Peds provider and my mom as the big boss, the brains, and the gears allowing the practice to run smoothly.  

For over 30 years, we have provided quality care, healing, preventing in the Bronx, NY. 

We work for the people from our family to yours. We work with persons of any age. We know what your needs are (known or unbeknownst to you), we know what your maintenance health needs are, we know how to take care of the total you (and all your loved ones).

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PCP Specialist Services

We Put Your Health First!

Most clinics and providers may treat you like a number and dollar sign. I'm here to take care of you because I truly care about you

Private Visits

Care and medication refills when your PCP is not available. Or for patients without insurance. Completion of physical exams or other paperwork.


Primary Care Specialist Evaluation

If you feel your overall health needs true care and attention.

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Medical Marijuana Cards

Treatment option for those who qualify


Immigration Exams

USCIS I693 Exams by certified civil surgeons


Mental Health Care visits

Mental health support


Trigger Point Injections

Immediate relief for spasmed muscles in those with chronic head, neck, back pain.


Acupuncture with TENS

Treatment of muscular pain option.


Minor Procedures

Nail removal. Nexplanon removal.


Vitamin Infusions

Multivitamin IV infusions for energy, function and self preservation.

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What makes us special primary care doctors?


While keeping that in mind, we are stepping away from that role in this typical, insurance, corporate run medical care. It is there, when medicine became incentivized, that we have started to stray away from what primary care is about, US!

Our new practice is not insurance based. To do good, we must take ourselves away from the constraints of insurance plans, monopoly hospitals and companies that only make the rich richer in money and in health.

We will focus on various branch of health: weight and being healthy, pain muscle management, Cannabis medicine, primary care consultant for individuals and clinics, Immigration medicine, beauty and spiritual medicine, and MORE!

This is a genuine clinic that will start to approach primary care in the way it was always meant to be, branch by branch.

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Inspirational Gear. Coming. Soon.

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Get in Touch

PCP Specialist is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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